Hello + Welcome! Do you remember watching Rex in Toy Story 2 playing a video game? He was desperate to defeat Zurg, only to be frustrated with his tiny arms. He was wildly doing all he could to win.

That scene came to mind as I was recently writing about creating a life you love.

We can spend a lot of time + effort doing all we can trying to live a good life (read that as get organised, complete that project, have some free time …) or we can find the right strategy, like Rex, and really live it!

In short this is what I’ve found …

When I write it down + say it aloud the more mindful I become. The more mindful I become, the better my life gets.

It’s a simple strategy for creating a life you love (read that as get organised, complete those projects, have time for fun … ) I know, it sounds cliche. I mean, who has time to add one more thing to their day?

To do this one thing, is worth deleting something else. It’s one thing I’ve found to really move the needle on everything else. If you’re not sure where to start? that’s ok.

In this article I talk about the connection between our thoughts, words + a good life + there are FREE journalling prompts below to get you started. You’re welcome to join us with the current prompts or any of the others below. And each month I’ll be bringing you more 🙂

Simply click on the image to download the corresponding prompts. And use the hashtag #jesgratitude to find new friends on social media. I’m so glad you’re joining us to make plans, collect moments + create a life you love!


The prompts aren’t dated, so you can use them in any order at any time.

The strategy is simple :
1. Pick one + begin
2. Do it again + again + again ….

I’ll be sharing more about it in the coming weeks. For now just start + know that it will take a little time to see the benefits. If you have any questions, contact me 🙂 Like Dory says, “Just keep swimming”.


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