Over the course of our life there is so much activity that it can be overwhelming to even know where to begin creating that project you have been dreaming about. The key to making a start and achieving your dreams is keeping it simple.

Simplicity helps us focus on what is important.

It can be easy to get lost in the details and complexity. These 3 keys to simplicity help me focus on what is important.

I find complexity a killer of desire, energy and motivation. Finding simplicity in what I want to achieve is essential.

Through my personal journey I discovered some simple steps that I kept coming back to which helped me simplify, clarify and take action. I like to call this process FUSE.

Let’s take a quick look at what it means to FUSE.

It is the verb that we are focusing on here: to unite or blend into a whole, as if by melting together.

I like that it is about action as that is what us as creative want to do. We mix together our ideas and skills, to create the awesome and inspiring.

3 keys to simplicity

The three simple steps of FUSE are:

  • Collectyour thoughts, ideas and stuff
  • Reflecton what it is you really want to achieve
  • Connect– your desires with a plan of action

Walking through these three steps help set me up for success, to keep things simple, and move me to action.

Keeping things simple in your creating allows you to focus on what is important and can enhance creativity.

Imagine being able to actually complete projects without being overwhelmed and overloaded by the latest fad, bulging supplies and distractions. With this simple framework, taking what seems like a overwhelming task and breaking it down, is how we can achieve our goals.

Having collected my thoughts or stuff, I reflect on the what it is that I want to achieve. I then connect my desires with a plan to make them a reality.

It is the reflection step that helps you to become clear.

What a sense of freedom to discover what I want to do and to give myself permission to do just that, without all the clutter.

Success comes when you { Take Action }

Take some time to consider what it is that you really want to do, become clear and then make a plan of action.


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