I’m spilling the beans on secrets for planner success: Do more of what works + less of what doesn’t.

It’s so good to have your planner pages printed, holes punched + in your binder ready for you to take over the world. Well, take over your day anyway.

There’s an excitement about the possibilities of getting it all done. You think this time will be different. I mean look at this thing, it’s gorgeous.

Getting things done doesn’t have to be complicated.

And don’t be afraid of getting your planner messy. It’s the end result of achieving your dreams that is the focus, not how pretty your planner looks.

When we started to homeschool our son many of my rhythms + routines changed. It was time to find a new way that worked for us. Just over two years later we are settled into our lifestyle change + have found our groove. Of course it doesn’t have to take long to establish a way that works for you.

Secrets for Planner Success

Here are 4 of my best secrets for planner success + reduce the overwhelm so you can enjoy that gorgeous planner of yours.

1. Recognise what works for you

After some trial and error over the years I have found that different tools work for different people + things.

I love paper for planning but I enjoy the benefits of my digital calendar for accounts, birthdays and school lessons. It’s easy to set up reoccurring bills, move around lessons and set alerts for birthdays ahead of time.

In our home we each have a whiteboard square on the fridge for getting things done around the house + the shopping list. My husband takes a photo of the list on the whiteboard and presto the shopping list is complete. I’m super blessed to not have to go grocery shopping, I’d rather do the ironing any day.

Sunday evenings we have a family meeting and anything that is the focus for the week ahead gets written on the whiteboard. My stuff goes in my planner.

As a working stay at homeschool mum I enjoy my paper planner for organising the rest of my todo stuff. I have a todo list dump for each ‘category or project’ + I like to use a single today page for focusing on a few things each day. That way I’m not distracted or overwhelmed, but I can rest knowing that I won’t forget about that elephant.

This is what helps me eat that elephant one bite at a time.

2. Do what works

There is no need to change up what is already working. Simply, “Do more of what works + less of what doesn’t.

You have already recognised what works, so this tip is easy … do more of it.

3. Try something new

You have started to make a list of the things that aren’t working or are falling through the cracks. The best ting to do about these is to try a new way of doing it.

As the saying goes, “You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.”

Maybe there are some things you need to delegate. A while back we divided up some daily responsibilities a little differently and it’s working great for everyone. One of the things we changed was preparing meals. My husband is on lunch (we are all at home together for lunch each day) and I do dinner. Wednesday our son cooks dinner. It’s no guess that I love Wednesdays and lunchtimes.

4. Rome wasn’t built in a day

Not everything needs to be in your planner, unless of course that works for you. A sure way of taking the joy out of anything is to be overwhelmed by a complicated system. If you are new to planners, start small and grow.

Enjoy trying new things + growing with your planning.

Success comes when you #Take Action

To help you take action in a crafty way, check our my Colour Your 365 Projects { Kit } + enjoy getting things done.


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4 Secrets for Planner Success at www.byjacquiesmith.com
4 Secrets for Planner Success at www.byjacquiesmith.com

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