The Colour Your 365 planner is design to be versatile. It fits both A4 + US letter sizes.

Organising your planner pages

I imagine your day is somewhat like mine. It is full of a variety of responsibilities. You like to be organised + Colour Your 365 with a little washi tape and such. Finding a planner that suits can be a challenge. Being able to choose the flow of you planner pages can help you be more successful.

The Colour Your 365 planner pages come as separate PDF files. This means you can easily set up your day your way.

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“It doesn’t need to be difficult to organise your planner pages for printing.”

The thing I like most about printing my own planner pages is that I can test drive a few pages + try our different sizes before investing in a whole year up front. A planner is a personal thing. No two of us do our day the same way.

Printing your own planner pages, at a print store or at home, means you can totally customise the flow of your planner + take advantage of the many beautiful binder choices available. You may even want to use a clipboard at times.

No matter which way you like to design your day, you can.

The 4 Simple Steps for Easy Planner Printing

1. Take a moment to collect your ideas.

How you would like to organise the flow of your planner pages?

If you are like me, having tried a number of different planners, there are probably a few things that you can immediately put on your list of how you’d like your pages to flow.

A few questions to ask yourself may be:

  • Should all the month pages be together or spread out thought the year, single or double page spreads?
  • Do you like a week to a view and does it need to be a single or double page, horizontal or vertical?
  • Are your days full of notes and todos that you could benefit with a full page for each day?
  • Would a todo brain dumping section be helpful?
  • Are your note pages better together or a few pages spread throughout the year?
  • Would it help you get projects done if you had an action plan for your project?
  • To help keep focused on a financial goal, would an expenses page be good at the start of each month?

Here’s a little peak into some of the thoughts behind how I set up my planner. Maybe it will help you in your page planning:

  • At the start of the month I like a focus page with a grid page on the reverse for sketching out ideas and such.
  • A month or week to a view page are great to help me organise my time blocking, batching + planning.
  • I like to use single today pages. This is where it all happens. It helps me keep focus on what I am doing for the day. And there is plenty of room for a little washi tape and some stickers too.
  • My action plan + todo pages are the ones I move the most. By having these two pages near my today means I can easily write down things that come to mind, like a brain bump, + keeps me focused on today.

That is a little insight into what influences the set up of my planner. From my experience I find that when I set up my planner to work with me, I am more successful, even when I want to change things up.

When you are ready make a list of the order you would like your planner pages to go.


2. Organise the flow of your planner pages

To make this step simple + fun I have created a free Planner Blueprint printable. Go ahead and print it out + let’s get started.

I have listed the number of weeks you will need for single and double spread options for the last half of 2015:

  • July 5
  • Aug 4
  • Sep 5
  • Oct 4
  • Nov 4
  • Dec 5

# Tip: I prefer my weeks to run continuously through the year. I don’t mind if there is a day or two from one month in the week of another. I find it helps me see what is happening the whole week no matter what the date is. If you prefer to keep your months apart you will need to add an extra week here and there.

In the sample Planner Blueprint I have used the list of weeks (above) to plan out single and double week spreads.

3. Filling out the Planner Blueprint

On each line I list in order the pages of my planner. I name the planner page and write the number of that page I need.

# Tip: When it comes to double page spreads I list the page twice when I need an odd number of those pages or I need to print one on the reverse side of another. (see my example included with the download)

There are three boxes on each line:

  • The first box indicates I need only one print of that page.
  • The second box, to print that page on both sides of the page.
  • The third box is to check off when the page/s are printed.

# Tip: When I have two different pages on each side of my planner page I use a [ symbol to link the pages together and remind me when it comes time to print. (see my example included with the download)

4. Print your pages + set up your planner.

Now that you have your list on how your planners pages will flow, you can print easily your pages your way + set up your planner.

Click here for tips on printing your Colour Your 365 planner pages.

Before you go I have an easy tip on punching multiple holes with a standard two hole punch.

Punching Multiple Holes with a 2 Hole Punch

You can use a standard office two hole punch for your planner. Of course you can purchase an adjustable 6 hole punch which would be very handy if you are adding a lot of pages to your planner at once. But if you don’t have one you can follow these simple steps with your two hole punch.

  1. Use an existing planner page with holes already pouched to mark where your holes should go. I use a pencil so the lines are faint and can’t been easily seen.
  2. Take the bottom off your hole punch that collect the confetti. Be sure to check that it is not holding any confetti first.
  3. Turn your hole punch over so you can see the bottom when the sharp circles poke through to cut your card + paper.
  4. Position your card or paper into position so you can see the circle you drew in the middle of the hole.
  5. Hold steady + punch. Repeat steps 4 + 5 to punch all your holes. Easy!

You can follow these same steps with a one hole punch as well.

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Organise your day your way + print easy with the FREE Planner Blueprint printable. { Example included in download }

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