I don’t like one size fits all solutions + I’m allergic to obligation.

Hi I’m Jacqui Smith, the qualified graphic designer + business owner behind byjacquiesmith.

I enjoy reading about productivity, time management + habits for fun. There is one particular place that I find many of my strategies for successful living, and that’s in the pages of the Bible.

In it’s pages I’ve found techniques to reduce the overwhelm we feel each day trying to get things done. I’ve discovered how we can reduce the unnecessary stress we experience from striving to do it all. And how we can tap into a supply of never ending joy, even when things aren’t going according to plan.

You could say it’s pages hold the keys of how you can … Plan Your Day + Enjoy It!

Through my journey of being a work-at-home-schooling mum I’ve found a way to plan my day with less overwhelm + more joy! I call it the FUSElife Way.

It’s fluid + flexible because we all plan + get things done differently. There’s no one way that works for all of us.

To FUSElife is to purposefully blend of the different pieces of your life together with three simple steps that help you :

1. know what to focus on
2. make a plan that you can + want to do
3. have time to enjoy life with those you love!

And that’s what gets me out of bed each day with the sunrise, to help others, like you, discover how to plan your day with less overwhelm + more joy too!

If you’ve tried other solutions, different planners + systems, only to think that there was something wrong with you, then stick around, sign up for my newsletter and discover how to combine the amazing abilities already within you with the FUSElife Way of planning your day with more joy + less overwhelm!

I’m blessed to have met you 🙂

Before you go, can you do yourself a quick favour?

When you plan your day tomorrow, only write down the top 3 things that you need to do (preferably on a clean sheet of paper, I’ll give you some stylish free printables when you sign up) + make sure you start each task with an action word.

Oh + when it’s time to work, turn off your notifications + quit your mail. When you get those 3 tasks done, take a little time for yourself + celebrate!

You deserve it.

Now, let’s turn your dreams into plans!

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