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Celebrate the Season

Farewell November, hello December! I have a new set of wallpapers for you inspired by the season of Celebration as we count down to Christmas.

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Is This One Thing Your Key to Moving Forward?

Is there something that you are doing right now that if you ceased would actually move you forward? Can doing nothing really move you toward your goal? I believe at the right time, doing nothing can be the most important thing you can do!

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Journey Together

Farewell October, hello November! I have a new set of wallpapers inspired by the new You and Me products, designed to celebrate our journey through life together.

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The Simple Six for Great Design Every Time { + free download }

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new creative or a seasoned veteran in your field. Our goal is the same. We all want to create great design. Great design is the careful balance of these six simple powerful principles. While you won’t use them all together, you will rarely apply only one.

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Don’t Be A Superhero + Back Up

As creatives we are focused on the business of creating. With so many ideas and such little time to create the awesome and inspiring have you given the attention you should to protect your collections from a natural or technological disaster?

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The Power of Reflection

Reflection, is the simple process of collecting experiences and information to gain a new understanding. Reflection moves you from having a bunch of experiences and information to a place of connection, and action.

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3 Keys to Simplicity

Over the course of our life there is so much activity that it can be overwhelming to even know where to begin capturing these everyday moments, recording your memories. Imagine being able to actually complete projects without being overwhelmed and overloaded with the latest fad, bulging supplies and distracting layouts. The key to making a start and achieving your dreams is keeping it simple.

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Simple Strategy to Organise Digital Files

It sounds like polar opposites to have organisational freedom. The very word organisation may make you cringe as you start to take stock of what you don’t have organised right now and freedom would come from not thinking about it. What if there was a way to have freedom from the tyrant in your mind and have your files in order to give you maximum time to enjoy creating?

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Boxed for Safe Keeping

There are all kinds of memorabilia that we naturally collect as we journey through life. The reason we save these items in the first place and later store them is because they represent something special to us. Why not do something more than boxing them for safe keeping?

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The Best Camera for Memory Keeping

It is not so important what you are using as much as you are using what you have. Don’t wait for the perfect time, whether that is having a better camera or having just the right skills. Use what you have and start today.

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Factory in My Pocket

We are blessed to be living in such a time when technology has brought to us a variety of appliances and tools all rolled into one gadget that fits into our purses and pockets. It is like having your own little factory.

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Discover New Beginnings

Welcome! In these posts you will find information to help you create the awesome and inspiring, in both work and play. Don’t be shy, send me questions, ideas, submit responses to the posts so we can learn together.

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