There are all kinds of memorabilia that we naturally collect as we journey through life. Why not do something more than being boxed for safe keeping?

Collecting the physical

There are all kinds of memorabilia that we naturally collect as we journey through life. From drink coasters, tickets, tags, children’s artworks, letters, and the list goes on and on. We don’t really need to try all that hard to collect the physical in our lives. It naturally happens. Consider what treasures may be collecting in your handbag or desk drawer.

What do we do with these pieces from our everyday life? More often than not it is boxed for safe keeping, and with nowhere to go.

The reason we save these items in the first place and later store them is because they are treasures, they represent something special to us. There is an emotional connection. Although we have these stored treasures, we don’t connect with those memories all that often.

Have you considered doing something else with these precious items?

What if you did something that allowed you to enjoy the memories and cleared up space reserved for storage?

Converting to digital

As one who enjoys the advantages of digital, I take photos or scan these physical items. It helps to reduce the storage space needed and it is easy to incorporate in my digital projects, like creating school year books.

Converting the physical into digital was the beginning of creating my memory keeping system back in 2007. You can read more about my journey here. Photographing or scanning these items and discarding what doesn’t need to be kept, clears the space normally taken for storage.

Keeping all my son’s creative endeavours was taking up a lot of storage space and I found I wasn’t enjoying what they represented like I imagined I would when I saved them.

To convert the physical to digitalis simple.

  • Set aside a box, draw or space to collect the physical memorabilia.
  • Take the time periodically to scan or photograph the items and discard what doesn’t need to be kept.
  • Always ensure you back up your digital files. How often you convert your items depends on your life’s rhythm.

I don’t have a set day of the week or month as I find my collecting grows seasonally. End of school term, birthdays, Christmas are all events that accelerate how much I collect. It is in these peak seasons that I covert more often. There are times when I want to remember the date so I covert it straight away.

The best time to convert is what works for you.

Converting physical items into digital files is a great way of saving the memory it represents. It allows us to part with the not so necessary and to keep what is.

Success comes when you { Take Action }

Make a space for collecting the physical. Take time to convert to digital and discard what you no longer need.


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