Photographers, hybrid + digital crafters and memory keepers, pocket scrapbooking is made easy with pocket pageGrid templates. Whether you are making year books, photo albums or documenting your life, simply add your photos, paper + elements of design, then print, cut-slide, or bind.

A Growing Problem

As a designer, organiser + memory keeper, I was looking for a solution to the ever growing keepsakes I was collecting of my son’s artwork and other memorabilia. It didn’t take long for those boxes to multiply and take up valuable space around our home.

I set our scanning + photographing the collection and made our first printed digital album.

The joy we shared looking over this album was priceless.

I knew then that once those treasure items were put into boxes they would never be shared like this album was.

Friends and family encouraged me to do something with this idea. That was back in 2007.

Thankfully, just we grow and change, so to has the way I create digital photo albums and go about my memory keeping.


Mice were enjoying our treasured artwork more than we were. Fortunately I had taken photos of these before they had their nibble.

The Solution

Whether I am designing a flyer or a magazine, I start with a grid.

It is a foolproof method for creating balance and harmony on your page, and throughout a document.

To have others be able to create their own year books and photo albums I knew the process needed to be based on grids. In my search I came across pocket protectors which was kind of funny as I have used this same kind of product to display business cards in my portfolio for years.

This was perfect and I was so glad I started this process of creating a personalised year book before the mice started enjoying our artwork. Being a digi-crafter I set about creating colour guided templates based on seven popular pocket sizes.

They come in two styles: maxi is designed to give you maximum real estate while the margin is for those who like a little distinction between spaces. Both styles come in both square + rounded corner designs.

Pocket pageGrid template styles at

Swap between the styles for different projects, no need to choose between them.

Simple, Yet Versatile

Pocket pageGrid templates are perfect for hybrid and digital pocket scrapbooking, a style of scrapbooking and memory keeping that took off around the globe. It can be as simple as you want it to be or splash your style across the page.

Creating albums is easy using pageGrids to guide your placement of photos and journalling. All the pieces work together making it a simple way of telling your story.

As a quick and easy start every time, the pocket pageGrid templates are a valuable addition to your core supplies.

pageGrids are the foundation in what I refer to as my Core 4: templates, photos, paper + elements of design.

Simply clip your paper, cards + photos to the pageGrids and add your elements of design. Easy!

Once you have created your digi design, save your work and print, then cut-slide or bind.


Which ever way you create, I know you will experience the joy we did when you share your creations with others.


My favourite elements of design are stamps + brushes, when paired with papers and photographs, the options for creating unique designs are limitless.


Photographers, memory keepers + crafters will find using the pocket style pageGrid digital templates an easy way to create scrapbooking layouts, personalized year books, photo books and photo albums. They are simple to use and versatile.

Combining the pageGrids with the Colour Your 365: Planner printables, is a great example of their flexibility + versatility.

See how easy it is to create with the pocket pageGrid templates in my infographic below:

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