Welcome! It has been quite an adventure to be here. New beginnings are before me as I publish my first blog post.

I have always enjoyed capturing little details about my life. Journalling, collecting memorabilia and doodling fonts. One of my favourite classes at university was typography. The design and structure of the letters intrigued me.

So it is no surprise that design and organisation have played an essential role in the way I approach my everyday life. Whether it is finding a solution to my boxes of memorabilia or creating my own planner systems I enjoy the challenge of creating the process as much as I do the result. You can read more about my journey here.

I have grown in many ways from applying those discoveries in my journey. Each season along the way I feel like it has had some form of a new beginning, an opportunity to change and grow. This is the place where I want to share with you my discoveries in the hope that they will help you too.

It is so good to have you join me. At times it will be challenging, exciting, confronting but most of all fulfilling as we see growth and change in ways that we have only dreamed about.

Together we are better.

I thank you for being part of this community. One that encourages each other along the way. Don’t be shy, send me questions, ideas. Submit responses to the posts so we can all engage together.

I look forward to connecting with you as we engage in this journey to discover new beginnings to…
Make Plans. Collect Moments + Create a Life Your Love!


Crave Creativity in Your Everyday

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