As creatives we are focused on the business of creating. But do you have  back up plan? Have you given the attention you should to protect your collections from a natural or technological disaster?

Are you prepared?

Did you know that over 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat each day? How about the countless number of photos we have stored on our devices and computers?

The digital revolution has brought to us the ability to take photos in a way and volume like never before.

Creatives of all kinds, whether for work or play, have libraries of photos and digital tools essential to their creative process. It is not just a natural disaster that could take out these precious resources, today we also have technological disasters to prepare for.

Would you be prepared should a natural or technological strike? How would your library fare?

Back Up Today

Today is Save a Your Photos Day.

All across the globe creatives of all kinds are taking a moment to consider the safety of their libraries, both physical and digital, and ensuring they have a disaster ready plan in action for their collections.

It is from Sun Tuz’s, The Art of War, that we are familiar with the saying, “the best defense is a good offense”. This winning strategy can be applied to protecting your treasured collections.

You don’t have to wait for a special day to protect your digital library.

Today (whatever day you are reading this) is a good day to make a plan and back up. So how do you go about this?

3 Simple Steps to Make Your Plan

This is where I use FUSE, my three simple steps, to assess my vulnerability and work out a plan. Using these three steps helps me to focus, keep it simple and move me to action:

  • Collect – take note of your collections, physical and the digital
  • Reflect – what would you like to have access to after a disaster struck?
  • Connect – list the steps you need to take to have your collections secure

Tips for Success

No matter what kind of collections are in your library, and whether or not they are sorted and organised, from personal experience I would recommend having a back up in a different form to your working library.

A number of years ago it was the done thing to backup to CDs or DVDs. I dutifully would make a second copy when archiving to one of these disk formats and for the most part there were no issues, until one day I went to find some photos on a particular disk, which I had used before, and it wasn’t working. Not only was the DVD disk unreadable, for a strange and still unexplained reason today so was the backup.

Even though it is 8 years later I still sense the loss of those photos.

Today I appreciate the advancements in technology, larger and more reliable hard drives, along with cloud based storage so you can have a backup in an another form and in an offsite location.

So whether your collections are for work or play, take a moment today check the safety of your storage, physical and digital.

Don’t be a superhero and try to save the day after a disaster has struck.

Use my Back Up Plan to:

  • assess your vulnerability
  • guide you in your plan of action
  • record the details

Back Up Plan at


Success comes when you { Take Action }

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