Factory in my Pocket by Jacqui E Smith

We are blessed to be living in such a time of technology. It has brought to us a variety of appliances and tools all rolled into one gadget. I say, “It’s like having a factory in my pocket”. The vast majority of us carry on our person, almost all the time, these pocket sized pieces of genius.

Capture purposefully

Capturing is easy. We naturally collect all kinds of things as we travel through life. What we want is to be purposeful in what we capture. Take the time to notice the little things in our everyday.

There is much to inspire us in our creativity.

There may have been many times we have wished we wrote down that funny thing our child said, an experience we want to remember. Maybe a list of our favourite things right now, a quote or scripture that inspired us. Or simply an idea for something we would like to create.

When we form a habit of collecting, we no longer wish we had written it down or taken a picture.

From personal experience I can say that trying to commit something to memory for later is not a recipe for success.

Our brains make the worst filing cabinet.

Taking Note

Recording details, ideas + other things that capture our attention, is a great way to build a library of inspiration. We can write down thoughts and ideas, take photos and screen shots.

I like using Evernote for writing my ideas down. It doesn’t matter if I take notes on my computer or mobile device, it all syncs together.

If you like to draw or sketch and maybe a journal works best for that.

Once you have a library of inspiration you have endless ideas for creating. It is also great for discovering more about your style.

Of course there is more to making the most of your factory than simply collecting inspiration, these little factories are great for projects + memory keeping too.

Paper or Digital, that is the Question

I use to be a paper diary gal to organise my everyday. Nothing could beat an old fashioned tangible book, and the fact that mobile devices were not invented when I started using a planner. I can feel the connection when I write with a pencil and paper, the sound of the pencil scratching the paper’s surface, it’s organic.

There were some major limitations with my paper system, notably, finding ‘that thing’ I wrote, in which day, month, year. I had to write all reoccurring events myself and remind myself of important dates. And that’s ok for some of my personal stuff.

For work though I quickly embraced the idea of not relying on myself (after a mishap of course). I liked entering the event once and having it repeat as needed. Better yet was having an automatic alarm.

For efficiency like that, I was converted.

Well some of the way. I’m now a mix between paper and digital. At first it sounds messy but in reality it works a treat.

When I considered what was important to me, I found it easy to decide to go digital for some things. Although there was an adjustment phase, I would say switching to a digital diary and note book was liberating. Being at the computer daily for work made it easy. I quickly adapted to no longer needing to remember details or ideas, and where I wrote them.

I enjoyed the ‘extra space’ I had for thinking of new things rather than trying not to forget what I was trying to remember. After a number of years I can now say I would be lost without the factory in my pocket.

I am also a paper girl though. As I mentioned before. There is something about the connection of pencil to paper. After a time of going mostly digital I have swung back to a happy medium, a combination of the two. I like to make lists and plan my projects and days in my planner. I feel more connected and invested.

My Tools Today

As you can tell, things change over time. I was paper only and swung over to all digital + now I’m settled on a mix of the two.

Memory Keeping
When it comes to memory keeping, I’m all digital for photos, notes and our calendar of activity. It’s so easy to search for events and information, especially helpful as I’m not an up to date crafter. My phone is my most valued tool.

My favourite memory keeping apps are few + efficient:

  • Calendar
  • Mac Journal
  • Photos
  • Pic Tap Go (by RadLab)

Getting Things Done
For lists, projects + general planning, I’m definitely a mix of paper + digital as I mentioned earlier. I like my digital calendar for accounts, birthdays, family events, homeschooling schedule and even tracking my design work for clients. I’m so glad you can have a different calendar + colour for each.

When it comes to planning + list making I’m all paper. Right now I’m enjoying the planner craze. Two of my favourite binders are Websters Pages + Kikki.K. I like recording quotes + work details on paper, as well as outlining my projects. I’ve just switched to a new docket style planner insert as I have found I’m an “unplanner”. With the mix of responsibilities in my everyday the standard daily or weekly calendar just wasn’t working.

As you can imagine I enjoy making my own printable planner inserts. The best of which I make available to you!

My favourite planing products are varied + have proved trust worthy:

So however you like to go about your day + record your memories, remember to use that factory in your pocket in a way that enables you to remain connected to the things that matter most.

Success comes when you { Take Action }

Consider how you might use your little factory to be more efficient in the organisation + memory keeping of your everyday.

Share: I’d like to hear from you. Comment below on what your favourite tools are to manage life’s details.

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