{ 3 } Creative Faith

From the third floor you have an awesome view. Just like being able to see your way from a lookout, so to when you spend time with our Creator. Count your blessings + grow your faith a little each day!

Turn on your printer, get out your washi tape + favourite pens, it’s time to feed that craving to create! 🙂 If you have any questions, contact me. I’d love to help.

To take a short cut to your favourite aisle click the link below …

It takes just one small action for a few minutes a day for a sweeter life.
Start today!

FUSE your faith in your everyday + smell the sweet fragrance of God’s goodness with every page.

Grow Your Faith …  journal, stick + splash some colour as you spend time in the scriptures.


So you want to create your own planner, that’s awesome. There’s nothing sweeter than when your plans + dreams come to life from your planner! Visit the FREE gifts page for more 🙂

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