Recording my life is not just about special events or the day to day activity. When a truth impacts me, I want to record that moment. I don’t want to forget that lesson learned or that insight gained.

Illustrated faith through digital layouts is one way I like to capture what I have learnt.

In time I hope these pages will make not only a beautiful coffee table book, they will also be a way to share and pass down insights and hopefully some wisdom. Most importantly they are a book of remembrance, of encouragement when life is challenging. It is my way of using my creativity to express my faith, recording my life.

Layout text: My mind was already picturing trials and not quick, short, painless ones. The dictionary definition for perseverance is to continue what is undertaken, maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty. Sounds like something I need to prepare for. How do I get this internal muscle and have the kind of strong faith that George Mueller speaks about.

As I read James 1:3 I found the good news that I don’t have to get these internal muscles before setting out. It is as I go about facing the trials in my daily life that these muscles are worked within me. As one who enjoys discovering productivity tips, this was good news. While I am glad that I can learn as I live, I am aware that it won’t be a quick journey but a worthwhile one.

Be{you}tiful faith is just this kind of internal muscle that God wants to develop in us. With it we shine and be who He made us to be. It is what we need for this day, today. I am encouraged to cherish the challenges of yesterday as they have given me what I need to live for today. As I embrace what is before me today I know that patience – endurance, steadfastness and perseverance is being developed so that I can achieve what I dream of in my tomorrows.


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