A planner is the perfect space to express your faith in a creative way. So let the planner bug bite!

Using faith planner dividers is a great way to organise your planner pages. Let’s dive in to customise our planner and learn …

How to make faith planner dividers … the digital way!

For a mess + fuss free way of making faith planner dividers we’ll be creating digitally, with supplies commonly known as digital scrapbooking + printable planner supplies.

# Tip: Using digital craft supplies means you can use them over and over and over and over .. well you get the picture. It makes them very cost effective! And most importantly, you don’t need to be scared of “wrecking it” as you always have your original file on hand.

Photoshop + Photoshop Elements
You can use many different computer programs for creating your own faith planner dividers. The steps for creating dividers are the same in both Photoshop + Elements.

I am using Photoshop CS6 for this tutorial + creating a dashboard for my Websters Pages Color Crush Personal Planner.

Keyboard shortcuts are noted in (brackets). Learn more about how Keyboard Shortcuts speed up your work flow for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

So let’s get started …

To follow along there are a few items you will need :

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Now that we have our supplies, let’s make it happen. Here are my …

4 Simple Steps to Make Your Own Faith Planner Dividers

Step 1: Create your page

Measure the size of your planner page. We will be adding extra width to include the tab with the divider.

Let’s begin ..

1. Set up your page in Photoshop or Elements

  • Select File > New, to create a new document (Cmd N)
    • Popular planners binder sizes:
      • Personal – 172 x 95mm
      • Medium – A5 148 x 210mm
      • Large – A4 210 x 297mm + US Letter 8.5x11mm
  • Type in your document name and page size, click OK
  • Select File > Save, to save your document (Cmd S)

# TIP: Save your document often as you work.

The page size for the Websters Pages Color Crush personal binder is 95x172mm. As we will be including the tab rather than sticking it on later, we will need to add 10mm to the width of the document size, making it 105x172mm.

If your divider is the same size as your printer paper, for example A4 or US Letter, then you will need to attach your tabs separately. We will learn how to create those in another article.

  • Drag a vertical guide from the vertical ruler across to mark the edge of your divider from the tab, for this divider size you will place it at 95mm

Step 2: Design the front of the divider

We will be using the doodle paper for the background of our faith planner divider, JES_paper_soThankful_doodle.jpg, plus adding a graphic + coloured panels to create a gratitude divider. Let’s start designing:

1. Add a paper

  • Open your paper .jpg file, move it so you can see both your divider page and the paper at the same time
  • Click on the paper layer and drag + drop it onto your divider page
  • Position it as necessary using your Pointer Tool (V) and if needed, resize by selecting Edit > Free Transform (Photoshop) or Image > Transform > Free Transform (Photoshop Elements), while holding the Shift key to keep proportions, click + drag the corner square to adjust the size
  • Select File > Save to save your document (Cmd S)
  • Close your paper file, click on the paper file, choose File > Close (Cmd W)

Choose Windows > Layers to show the Layers panel and select the paper layer. Rename the layer “paper”.

# Tip: You may like to rename your layers so it is easier to know what layer you are working on. Simply double click the name of the layer, type a new name and press the Return key.

2. Add your graphic
To match the gratitude tab title we will be using the thanks speech bubble graphic, JES_png_soThankful_thanksSpeech.png

  • Open your graphic, drag + drop it onto your page, the graphic should be sitting above the paper layer you selected earlier
  • Position it just like you did in the step above and rename the layer “thanks”

3. Add the finishing touches
To make our speech graphic stand out we will add a coloured panel behind the speech bubble graphic and also fill behind the graphic. First we will add the coloured panels:

  • Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)
  • Click on your page and drag down to the right with you Marquee Tool to draw a box on your page
  • Fill this area with your foreground colour, hold down the Option key + press the Delete key
  • Create another panel and fill this with the same colour, change the opacity of this new layer to 50% in the Layers panel

# Tip: To change the foreground colour simply click on the top coloured square in your Tool panel and select your desired colour, click OK.

To fill behind the speech graphic white:

  • Create a new layer and rename it “bubble”
  • Select the “thanks” layer and then the Magic Wand Tool (W) in the Tool panel
  • With the Magic Wand click in the area outside of the Thanks Speech graphic
  • Choose Select > Inverse (Cmd Shift I) to reverse the selection
  • Press D on your keyboard to change the foreground and background colours to black and white
  • Fill this area white by pressing Cmd + Delete

You can add a shadow to the “bubble” layer using the these free shadow styles. Simply click on the image below:

Step 3: Create + label the tabs

To have 5 dividers in your personal faith planner, you will need tabs 34.4mm deep. Don’t worry about measuring them exactly, I will show you my trick for creating them equally, and most important, easily!

1. Create your first tab

  • Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)
  • Click on the top right corner of your page and drag down to the left with you Marquee Tool and draw a box on your page that meets your tab guide (the guide you placed when you first set up your document) and make it about 35mm deep
  • Fill this area with your foreground colour

Now you have one tab created, and are ready to create the other four.

2. Create the remaining tabs

  • Drag the tab layer in your Layers panel down on top of the Page icon to duplicate it
  • Repeat this step another three times so you have five copies of your tab and rename each of these tab layers
  • Select your second tab layer
  • Using your Pointer Tool (V) click on + drag the second tab to sit directly below the first tab so there is no space between them
  • Repeat this step with each of the other three tabs so that all five tabs are together  in one line with no space between them
  • Select all five of the tab layers in the Layers panel, holding your Command key as you select each layer
  • From the menu, select Edit > Free Transform (Photoshop) or Image > Transform > Free Transform (Photoshop Elements)
  • Click and drag the bottom side of the selection to meet the edge of your page
  • Press Enter/Return key or the green tick to apply your change

All five tabs are now the same height and you are ready to label them.

3. Change the colour of each tab

  • Select the tab layer in the Layers panel you want to change, starting with the second tab
  • Choose Select > All (Cmd A)
  • Press your Up Arrow Key on your keyboard once + then press the Down Arrow Key once to select the tab rectangle on this layer
  • Choose your foreground colour and fill the rectangle with your new colour as you did previously
  • Repeat to colour each tab

Now all five tabs are the same height, different colours, ready for you to add your text and label your faith planner dividers.

Select the first tab layer in the Layers panel to get ready to add your tab title text.

4. Label the tabs

  • Select the Text Tool (T).
  • Click on your page and drag down to the right with you Text Tool to draw a box on your page, a new layer will be added to your Layers panel
  • Select the font, size and any other text options desired in your Character panel
  • Type your text
  • If more text is added than fits into your box, resize the box by moving the arrow over the bottom right corner square until it becomes a double arrow, then click on and drag the square to enlarge the area
  • When you are finished typing, click the tick in the Options bar or press Command + Return (Mac), Control + Enter (PC) keys

# Tip: You can change any other the text attributes after you have typed your text in the Character panel.

To fit your text to your tab you will need to turn it 90 degrees clockwise:

  • From the menu, select Edit > Free Transform (Photoshop) or Image > Transform > Free Transform (Photoshop Elements)
  • Move your pointer just outside of the rectangle on one of the corners until you see a curved line with arrows at either end, click while holding down your Shift key, and drag the corner of the box down towards the bottom of your page in a clockwise direction to rotate the item
  • Press Enter/Return key or the green tick to apply your change

Copy this text layer as you did for the tabs earlier, move it down to the next tab and change the title text. Repeat to add titles to each tab.

# Tip: Holding the shift key turns an item in 45 degree increments, making it easy for you to turn your text 90 degrees to fit the tab.

Using these same steps above you can now create the remainder of your dividers to match your tabs.

Step 4: Printing your divider

In the last step we will create a white panel that covers the tabs we don’t need when printing our faith planner dividers.

1. Create the strip to hide tabs from printing

  • Create a new layer and rename it “tabs”
  • With the Marquee tool (M), click on the top right corner of your page and drag down to the bottom left to meet the divider guide
  • Fill this area white

When you are ready to print, make sure all of the tab layers you don’t need are moved below your “tabs” white panel. Only have the one tab and it’s title layer above the white panel to print it with the divider.

2. Print the reverse side of your divider

To print the reverse side of your divider, simply turn off the unwanted layers by clicking on the Eye icon in the Layers panel next to the layer you want to hide from printing.

You can now create the remaining divider designs to match your tabs. Remember to hide the tab layers you don’t need under the white tabs layer when printing each one.

Trim your dividers ready to hole punch and insert into your planner binder.

# TIP: To trim your faith planner divider with rounded tab corners, by using exisiting divider as a stencil to mark the shape.

Finishing touches

To protect and have your dividers last longer you may want to laminate them. Laminating strengthens + makes your dividers more durable. The glossy surface is perfect to store your sticky notes + washi tape. If you don’t own a laminator, there is no need to rush and purchase one. Simple clear sticky book covering, like contact, will work just the same.

# TIP: If you are using paper, laminate your dividers for a strong durable finish.

Now that your dividers are protected, let’s punch those holes and insert into your binder.

Here is my tip on punching multiple holes with a standard 2 hole punch.

Punching Multiple Holes witha 2 Hole Punch at www.byjacquiesmith.com

You can use a standard office two hole punch for your planner. Of course you can purchase a 6 hole punch but if you don’t have one you can follow these simple steps with your two hole punch.

  1. Use an existing planner page with holes already pouched to mark where your holes should go. I use a pencil so the lines are faint and can’t been easily seen.
  2. Take the bottom off your hole punch that collect the confetti. Be sure to check that it is not holding any confetti first.
  3. Turn your hole punch over so you can see the bottom when the sharp circles poke through to cut your card + paper.
  4. Position your card or paper into position so you can see the circle you drew in the middle of the hole.
  5. Hold steady + punch. Repeat steps 4 + 5 for all your holes. Easy!

You can follow these same steps with a single hole punch too.

Now that you know how to create faith planner dividers, you are ready to add some creativity to your faith!


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