When my one word chose me, I didn’t realise how perfect it would be for the journey ahead! A One Word update with an unexpected twist.

A One Word Update

When the word believe chose me for this year I was excited. What a great word … believe. It sounded majestic, simple + most of all, full of promise.

On holidays late last year I found this beautiful large cut out of my one word, believe. It was perfect for our noticeboard. What could be better than such a gorgeous reminder of the possibility for the year ahead.

All that was standing between where I was at that moment + where I desired to be, was simply expanding what I thought was possible.

Could there be anything else to it?

Surely I just had to enlarge what I thought could happen in my world.

A few months rolled quickly by, and where I thought I was heading this year had changed, not once but a few times. I was quickly learing how to have a very light hold on life, all the while trusting in God for direction + security.

An unexpected twist

It was the beginning of April when I was listening to someone talk about mindsets + beliefs and how they had taken actions to hide from attention. I knew I also had been hiding, to keep from drawing attention to myself. And that is not a good plan when you are building a business + help others ignite that spark within them to live a life they love.

As I explored what this meant, I could see there was a conflict. Attention wasn’t a positive thing for me growing up. It meant ridicule, embarrassment + failure. It meant I was exposed, and not in a good way.

I wondered if the conflict between getting to where I wanted to be + keep hidden was because, deep down I believed attention to be negative + therefore I was doing everything I could to keep from getting it.

Looking back I can see that I had been doing what I could to hide in the shadows, and for a long time.

To resolve this conflict I needed to find out what I believed, right now.

Instead of asking myself what do I believe is possible this year? The real question was, what do I already believe? I needed to look at how what I already believed was affecting my life? Was it moving me towards where I want to go? Or was it holding me back?

My word for the year just got juicier.

You see to move forward I needed to go back + acknowledge where I was starting from. It was only then that I could make a plan, a real plan, to go to where I longed to be. Without going back + finding out what I already believed I wasn’t in a position to expand what I though was possible.

What I had been believing had brought me to where I was today. I could see that despite my best efforts + my quest for learning, what I really needed this year was to recognise what I already believed + realign that to God’s truth.

Little did I realise that a simple yet powerful action in my daily routine was at work in me. It had been preparing me + changing me for this moment.

Through purposeful gratitude journalling the past 18 months I have experienced an awakening in my thoughts. Never have I been more aware of how my thoughts had been effecting my everyday life.

There are moments when old thinking patterns have tried to walk down their old track. Because of my new thoughts + mindset I could feel the resistance. It was like they were trying to walk a bush track that had grown over. And that was exciting.

Dr Caroline Leaf talks about how we can change the connections in our mind, rewire our brain. And I was excited to be experiencing this for myself.

As I establish new beliefs + mindsets I am learning to recognise when I need to change my mind. With different thoughts, our actions change. When our actions change, our life changes.

It really is simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s fast. The compound effect of these small daily actions does happen + works it way into every area of our life, for the better.

As I write this I’m excited about this new journey ahead.

The second half of the year will be about expanding what I believe is possible + taking action to dare I say it, stand out. not stand out just to be noticed, stand out to share what I have with others.

I’m excited to say I am in the midst of creating a brand new product : Colour + Study. It’s a colouring in bible study planner printable kit, coming soon to the Third Floor.

Some of my favourite things rolled into one! It’s the perfect way to FUSE life!

And I’m looking forward to sharing it with you real soon. To be the first to hear about the release + receive an exclusive community coupon, be sure to sign up for my FUSEletter.

I’m so thankful for my One Word + how it has impacted my life in ways I never expected.

The good news is that we can all have this change in your life. God has given us the power to choose what we think about + believe. And this is the motivation behind the Gratitude Challenge.



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