Rather than focus on a list of goals, how about choosing one word. One word to be your lens. One word to guide you, to challenge and shape you in the year ahead.

More Than Good Intentions

The beginning of the year is the most popular time to make new years resolutions and set yourself some goals.

It’s probably not too many weeks later that the good intentions run out of steam and the business of life takes over. You either fight the tide and see some success or you give up and abandon your dreams.

Rather than focus on a list of goals, how about choosing one word.

One word to be your lens.

One word to guide you, to challenge and shape you in the year ahead. Let this one word be the filter and tune out the distractions so you can really focus.

Get Set For Success

Proverbs 23:7 says, as a man thinks in his heart so is he. Deciding at the start of your journey what your focus will be, sets you up for success in ways that a list of goals can not.

Having one word to be your lens narrows your view, gives your strength and helps you decide what it is your really want.

Picking a word is about becoming the kind of person you want to be. It is not about what you feel you should do, rather let it be what you really desire.

It can be inspired by what is happening in your life or maybe it is something you want to change. Let it be a word that resonates with you.

Be Inspired

Use your word as a theme, an anchor. By using your word to filter for your choices you will develop a laser focus.

It is this focus that will be the inspiration of your success as you eliminate distractions.

You may want to get crafty and create some visual inspiration with your word. Display your word in a photo frame. You may like to take some photos and create a collage to use as a wallpaper on your computer or mobile device. Even something as simple as a card in your wallet or a sticky note on your fridge serves as a daily reminder.

Whatever your source of inspiration, use it as an anchor for your year ahead.

My One Word

My one word for 2015 is SIMPLIFY. It was speaking to me towards the end of the last year.

I am guilty of having too many projects on the go and then wondering why I am not seeing the results I was hoping for. It doesn’t take much effort to get stuck and have what was intended to be simple, turn complicated. As the year was drawing to a close I knew this was going to be my word.

Taking Action

This is my year to SIMPLIFY: my stuff, my thoughts and my actions.

SIMPLIFY my stuff: Reducing stuff is something I enjoy doing seasonally.

To simplify my stuff this year I wanted to dig a little deeper. Taking note of how my life has and is changing with technology got me thinking about the stuff in my bookshelf and drawers that I no longer used or needed.

This would be more than a general spring clean and tidy up.

I wanted to remove what was no longer relevant to the way in which I worked. Switching to a standing desk within the first few weeks of January gave me the motivation to get started immediately. While I am not quite done sorting, I am certainly enjoying the new sense of freedom and creativity from what I have accomplished so far.

SIMPLIFY my thoughts: This year I want to become more aware of my thoughts and how they are directly affecting my actions.

I know that the way we think triggers certain behaviours.

Rather than automatically following these mindsets, I am open and intentionally looking to changing them. Setting some time aside each day in reflection is my key. I particularly like the question in the Five Minute Journal, “What could I have done to make today better?”

SIMPLIFY my actions: I can often go about life on auto pilot, doing things the way I have always done.

Just like with my stuff, I want to not be so attached to a particular way of doing something and consider alternatives.

I made a change last year to switch back to paper for my planning. Writing on paper connects with me in a way digital wasn’t. I felt like I was restricted by the size of a screen.

When planning on paper it is like I have limitless possibilities. I didn’t do away with digital altogether. Once I have my plan I like to use my 2Do app and set up my actionable tasks.

Going back to paper was the inspiration for my printable Colour Your 365: Planner.

While it may not look like these three things have much to do with goals setting, they have quickly become the filters by which I am choosing what goes on my list. With most of the year before me I am excited to see where I will end up.

Share the Journey

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