A planner, no matter how beautiful, won’t be much help if it isn’t set up for you to make every day your best day.

How to print planner pages … easy!

Being able to design your day your way, I think is the secret to living your best life. Knowing how to print planner pages and customise your planner is key in being able to create an awesome day, everyday.

This planner freedom is at the forefront of my mind in delivering the best planner printables to you. As a designer, it was important to consider how to best design planner printables so that they are easy for you to use, and that includes printing them.

If you can simply + easily print planner pages you are halfway to designing your ideal day and living your best life, everyday!

To follow along there are a few items you will need :

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Now that we have our supplies, let’s make it happen. Here are my …

3 Simple Steps for Printing Planner Pages

Step 1: Choose your size

Whether your planner stays on your desk or travels with you as your constant companion + most loyal assistant, I have a size that will work for you. My FUSE:life digital planner printables come in three popular sizes while the Colour Your 365 printables are currently available in large only.

For more information about planner binders + refills sizes check out my beginner guide article.

Step 2: Print the first side of your planner pages

We will use the Colour Your 365 planner pages + A5 paper to suit my Large Kikki K (A5) planner binder. I know that probably sound confusing mixing large with A5, it’s just the way Kikki K have named their planner sizes.

With your planner + paper size chosen, let’s print the first side of your planner pages.

# Tip: If you are just starting out creating your planner, don’t feel like you have to print a whole years worth of pages. You may find as you begin using your planner that you might like to try different page designs. Having the freedom to explore and learn what works best for you is one of the best things about creating your own planner.

Let’s start with January and enough week pages for the month. Once you see the flow of how to print your planner pages, you simply repeat these steps to print all the pages you desire.

  • Place your blank paper in the paper tray
  • In Adobe Acrobat or Pro, open one of the files, I’m using JES_CY365L_burst_2016_MthA-01.pdf file
  • Print 1 copy of the month page

With five weeks in January print 3 week pages. Count the weeks in the month and divide by two. If it is an odd number of weeks add one week and then divide.


  • Print 3 copies of the week page using the “JES_CY365L_burst_2016_WkB-01.pdf” file

Now that you have the first side of our pages printed, you are ready to print on the reverse side.

Step 3: Printing the reverse side of your planner pages

The secret to getting this right is in knowing how your printer works. You either flip or flip + turn your printed pages over to print on the reverse side successfully.

For tips on how to work this out, check out my Tips for Printing Planner Pages article.

Let’s print the reverse side of the week pages, since that file is still open on your computer.

  • Insert two of the printed week planner pages into your printer
  • Print 2 copies of the week page

To complete the January planner pages, let’s print some note pages to finish off:

  • Open your “JES_CY365L_burst_2016_Notes.pdf” file
  • Insert the remaining week and month printed pages into your printer
  • Print 2 copies of the notes page

# Tip: If you are wanting to print dated pages, or pages in a specific order, it is easiest to do so with all pages in one complete pdf file. Check out my How to Set Up + Print Planner Pages post.

To finish

Trim your pages if needed, assemble your pages in order, hole punch + insert into your favourite binder.

Now that you know how to print planner pages you are ready for an awesome + productive day!


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