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• Commercial Use up to 500 sales

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Please read these Terms of Use so we can keep on creating together.

In purchasing and downloading this product you agree and comply to these Terms of Use License Agreement. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me for clarification. Please do not assume you are good to go with whatever you think.

In creating these products I help support my family + help other creative business owners provide for their families.


For the SMALL BUSINESS | HOME BASED CRAFTER to use byjacquiesmith products with no credit required, although it’s nice:)

COMMERCIAL USE Standard Licence : To use ONE (1) single product on 1 PROJECT, UP TO 500 SALES (end products for sale or marketing), you will need to buy a Commercial Use Standard License. This also includes end products intended for sale by you or your client.

# For example : if you want to use ONE (1) single product on 1 project, up to 500 sales for commercial purposes then ONE (1) standard licence needs to be purchased. To use TWO (2) products then TWO (2) licences are to be purchased and so on.

Commerical projects include activities such as design for hire, design for others, cardmaking, web + graphic design.


  • Use as stated in the Personal License (see faq’s)
  • All other product items may be used in a single commercial project, as part of a new work, but not for resale
  • Use in contracted work, on behalf of a client, as part of a new work, not used alone or contribute to being the main portion of the work
  • Create physical and digital materials (files must be flattened) for marketing
  • PLANNER TEMPLATES WITH LICENCE can be used for commercial + extended license work


  • Use as stated in the Personal License (see faq’s)
  • Use in more than ONE (1) project per licence

To use 1 product on multiple projects, please contact me at creative [at]

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EU customers, please shop licences here in my Etsy Store.

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CREDIT You don’t need to credit me when you have used a product with a licence, but you’re welcome to 🙂

TRADEMARK You may not register as a trade mark the product or the end product incorporating the product, not even logos.

DISCLAIMER Under no circumstances shall ‘byjacquiesmith’ be responsible for any loss and/or damages arising from the use of or inability to use and products ‘byjacquiesmith’. ‘byjacquiesmith’ shall have the right to modify the terms of this Agreement at any time, which modification shall be effective immediately and shall replace all prior Agreements. Please check the website for the current terms of use: license agreement.

TERMS OF USE LICENSE AGREEMENT All content, products and material, is Copyright © Jacqui Smith at ‘byjacquiesmith’ 2007-2017 and is protected by international intellectual property laws. Ownership and Copyright are retained by Jacqui Smith at ‘byjacquiesmith; by Jacquie E Smith’, are non-transferable and all rights are reserved.




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