With the celebrations over, the realisation of the new year before us has come as we get use to writing the new date. The beginning of a new year is the most popular time to start new projects, reorganise and set ourselves new goals. No matter what is on your list or how you intend to go about making this your best year ever, you will need a way to organise your day, thoughts and plans for the future.

The Secret to Planning 

Before you get going taking action on your dreams I want to encourage you to keep it simple.

I believe this is the secret to success.

Complicated plans and tracking systems can quickly take the wind out of your sails. To get moving quickly and to keep the momentum building I have three tips, from personal experience, to help you keep it simple and achieve your goals.

1. Simple in Number

I have been guilty of having too many projects on the go and then wonder why I’m not seeing the progress I would like.

How many is to many?

I have heard three is a good number, not too many to be overwhelmed, and just enough for variety. By limiting the number of projects on the go you can really focus and make progress.

In the past when I tried to work on a larger number of projects the progress was slow and in no time, uninspiring.

Being spread to thin has you not doing much of anything well.

Before long I was out of steam and desire to go on. If your list is long, prioritise so you can narrow your focus and see results.

2. Simple in Process

I was using the 2Do app on my phone, to not only organise my tasks but to plan. If items on my list were delayed for one reason or another, I found myself spending more time that I wanted organising my data. I really enjoy using the 2Do app. The interface is simple and easy to use. I can create tasks, projects and lists, an organisers dream. It was the way I used the app that bogged me down.

Towards the end of last year I switched back to paper for my planning. Planning with digital printables meant I could see everything at once. I also found it easier to organised my projects.

Whenever possible simplify the process.

Once I decided what project I was working on, I would set up my tasks in 2Do. This way I wasn’t spending unnecessary time organising my data and I felt I had more of a connection to what I was working towards.

It was from this transition that concept for my Colour Your 365: Planner product began. I wanted a paper place to organise and plan my thoughts before I committed to them as a project.

I like to use my Action Plan page from the Colour Your 365: Planner to work through a goal. When I Start with Why (an amazing book by Simon Sinek), I also find my motivation. Starting with why makes it easier to stay focused and eliminate anything that would otherwise distract me.

3. Simple in Action

A complicated system of goal setting and tracking your progress, only keeps you from taking real action. It is what I call “organised procrastination”.

Now that I plan on paper, this is where the 2Do app really shines, in taking action.

A favourite principle of mine is from Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People“, Habit 2: Start with the end in mind.

Working backwards can help as you make your list of actionable tasks.

Make your tasks small and specific, breaking them down into small activities you can do in 5-15 minutes. Breaking the project down helps you to eat your elephant, one bite at a time.

One thing that I really like about checking of a project task in 2Do is how it shows you the total percentage completed. A small but motivating feature.

I hope these three simple steps help you to turn your dreams into reality as you launch into the year ahead.

Success comes when you { Take Action }

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