Recording Life's Journey Together using FREE Gifts by Jacqui E Smith

Recording Life’s Journey Together

Using my record cover template design was the perfect way to convey how dandelions have inspired me as a memory keeper.

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Layout text: Each summer our yard is covered in a sea of yellow. I use to think it annoying, having a garden full of ‘weeds’. After doing some research I found the dandelion is a composite weedy plant; edible deeply toothed or notched leave, a golden-yellow flower and round clusters of white hairy seeds. The description of this plant didn’t wow me any. Upon further reflection I realised that the dandelion is so elegant and delicate. It can be blown away at any moment. Just like our life, what seems to be an unpleasent situation is, in disguise, the beginnings of a brand new start. The dandelions have become a gentle and constant reminder each summer that life too is precious to be focused on the unpleasant. Life is something to be treasured, shared and each moment to be remembered. I have come to learn to embrace the challenges of life as they are what make me who I am, but most importantly they help me make a turn I would otherwise never make on my own. Visit the blog or shop in store to make plans, collect moments + live a life you love.

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