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With this simple strategy you can learn something new + relevant for your life, everyday.

A simple approach

Spending time in the Scriptures is important for growing our faith. A simple approach for a never ending supply of devotionals is to use the SOAP method.

With this simple strategy you can read any section of the bible and learn something new + relevant for your life today.

I first discovered the SOAP method of bible study when reading Wayne Corderio’s book, The Divine Mentor in 2010. So on my birthday that year I started journalling my faith journey using the SOAP method along with Wayne’s read through the bible in a year plan and haven’t looked back.

The SOAP method is a self feeding style of devotional. And it’s a great way to journal your thoughts, emotions + connections to what your reading in the Bible.

What is the SOAP method?

SOAP stands for …
Scripture : where you are reading from
Observation : what you notice + learn
Application : how does it apply to me
Prayer : ask for His help to live it out

When you use something like the Strong’s Concordance App, it is even easier to dig a little deeper for understanding + insight. I enjoy being able to simply tap on a word + be taken directly to the meaning. These insights are perfect for noting in the Observation section.

As I tend to write a lot I use the Mac Journal app for my daily journalling. It is from this journalling that I take portions for illustrating my faith in my planner.

So let’s dive in + see how SOAP works …

In my example today I am using Day 3 of the So Thankful Colour + Study devotionalthe FUSE:life SOAP devotional planner insert + the So Thankful craft bundle.


Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. (WEB)


Being anxious is a distraction, instead I’m better to spend my time thinking of things to be thankful.

To not be anxious doesn’t mean we avoid thinking about a situation. Instead it’s how we think about that situation that is important.

Anxious thinking leaves us without hope. God knows we need to do something, so He tells us what to do instead.


I can choose to put my hope + trust in God, let Him know my concerns + be thankful for the good already in my life!

To do this I need to take charge of my thoughts, on purpose choose to think about + be focused on a solution.

A great place to start is to pray + ask God to intervene, letting Him know what concerns me. As a creative I can also spend some time getting crafty with my thankfulness, and turn that nervous energy into a beautiful piece of art, a visual journal, something to remind me that He is in control + I need not be anxious.


Thanks Lord that you know my needs + I don’t have to be anxious about the answers, You have it all under control + I thank you for caring so intently in my life. This is my concern … + I know that you are working all things for good according to your purposes.

SOAP : a simple approach to bible study + journalling > try products free at

Here’s what my planner spread looks like after I journal, stick + splash some colour with my faith.

> Crafty Tip

A simple way to add colour on your page, simply brush a small amount of paint along the edge of a plastic card + wipe it across your page, like a brush.

SOAP : a simple approach to bible study + journalling > try products free at

#creativeFaith Page Process

Journal, stick + splash some colour as you grow your faith + spend time in the Scriptures!

Here are my quick steps in creating a visual journal of your bible study :

  • Make a splash of paint across the page using a plastic card (see the crafty tip above).
  • Decorate the page with some washi + stickers.
  • Add your journalling + doodles.
  • Use pens + pencils to colour the illustration.


Here are a few extra resources that may help you with your SOAP bible reading :

Bible app (free)

The You Version is my favourite bible app because of the daily reading plans. I started using these in 2015 with the S.O.A.P method of journalling (see The Divine Mentor book below). I enjoy doing these with my son at breakfast too. It’s a great way to talk about life + God together.

Strongs Concordance app (paid)

It was only a few dollars when I bought this but some of the best money I’ve ever spent. It’s so easy to click on a word and see the meaning behind it. My understanding for what God is saying through the scriptures has increased dramatically using this app.

Blue Letter Bible app (free)

This is another favourite, not because it’s free, although that is fantastic. It has a concordance, plus commentaries to read + listen too at the touch of your finger. You do need internet connection to access those features.

It’s also available for Android.

The Divine Mentor book* by Wayne Cordeiro

This book changed the way I read my bible daily. I started with his Through-The-Bible Reading Plan + the SOAP method of journalling. There were days I didn’t read all the suggested reading. I would read until something stood out to me. Some days it was in the first few verses + other days I read the whole lot and got nothing. That was ok, I just wanted to practice being consistent + listening for what God might be saying to me.

Enjoy your time with Him + express your creative self!

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SOAP : a simple approach to bible study + journalling > try products free at

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