So Thankful - Gratitude Challenge : free desktop wallpaper at

Thankfulness is the bookends to my day + it’s the secret sauce that sweetens everything in between.

Filled with Thankfulness

Choosing thankfulness takes effort + at times courage. One of my favourite quotes that constantly reminds me I can choose to see things differently is from Wayne Dyer …

Change the way you see things and the way you see things will change.

Finding things we appreciate + admire in others helps us have more patience + grace with them in the challenging times. It’s not about ignoring issues that need to be addressed, that’s important although difficult to do. Finding the good is like medicine for our hearts + minds. It fills us with joy that remains through the challenges of life.

As part of the Gratitude Challenge I created this desktop + mobile wallpaper for you.

It contains the gorgeous printables + craft supplies from the new So Thankful products, designed to help you get creative with your thankfulness, in your planner, scrapbook, desktop + more.

Success comes when you #takeaction

Download the free desktop + mobile wallpapers, + join us for the #5for2gratitude Challenge!

The challenge is about joining like minded creatives with a heart of faith + gratitude.

It takes just 5 minutes a day to create powerful change in your life. It can be as simple as using your favourite pen or going all in and getting a little messy with colour + stickers. However you participate is perfect. The most important thing is that you take this simple action each day!

Cultivate a creative attitude of gratitude + join us!

So Thankful - Gratitude Challenge : free desktop wallpaper at

Download the individual wallpapers here : desktop | mobile


This wallpaper is created from the So Thankful products … see them in store today!

Ready to take the #5for2gratitude Challenge … join us!


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