A planner, no matter how beautiful, won’t be much help if it isn’t set up for you to make every day your best day. Knowing planner binders and refill sizes means you can successfully set up your own planner and design your day your way!

Your planner binders and refill sizes guide … simplified!

With the explosion of our love for all things planners comes the challenge of matching your favourite planner binder with page refills. Each company names their sizes differently. A medium at Kikki K isn’t the same as a medium from Filofax. So how do you know what works with what, easily and simply?

As a self confessed planner lover and one who thrives on creating planner pages and systems, I have done a heap of research and am please to be able to pull all the information together in this article. The images below will help you know what size refill inserts will work with a variety of planner binders.

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Simple Guide to Match Planner Binders and Refill Sizes

Whether your planner stays on your desk or travels with you as your constant companion + most loyal assistant, I have a size that will work for you. My FUSE:life digital planner printables come in three popular sizes while the Colour Your 365 printables are available in large only (at this time).

So what are these three popular sizes?

I’m glad you asked. One of the most popular questions I am asked is about planner binders and refill sizes so I know the following information will be helpful for you to know what planner binders match your preferred paper size. Let’s take a look at them close up and see what sizes work together.

Choosing your binder size

There are two main points to consider choosing your planner size, portability and writing space.

How portable you need your planner to be? Does it live on your desk or will you be taking it everywhere you go? How much space do you need for writing on each page?

There are options depending on which of these two factors are most important. For example, you can have your preferred planner size for portability and use a double page spread instead of a single page design.

Lt’s take a look at which planner binder brands work with the three popular page sizes.

Personal | 95x172mm
The Personal is the perfect portable size and will work with the following planner binders:

  • Webster’s Pages Color Crush : personal
  • Kikki K : medium
  • Filofax : personal
  • Day Timer : portable
  • Kate Spade : personal
  • Day Runner : personal
  • Franklin Covey : compact or pocket (you will need to modify the trimming size)
  • Levenger : Circa Disc system (their smallest disc is 1/4” and hold up to 50 sheets)

Some binders will require a slight modification to the trimming of the pages. There is no standard size when it comes to Personal planner sizes, although many fit very closely to the 95x172mm size of my Personal printable planner pages.

My Personal size is based on Websters Pages Color Crush, it is my binder of choice in this size due the quality and affordable prince point, it also comes in an A5 size which we will talk about next.

Medium | 148x210mm : A5 (148x210m) + Half Letter (5.5×8.5”)
The Medium is a great all rounder size and will work with the following planner binders:

  • Kikki K : large, A5
  • Webster’s Pages Color Crush : A5
  • Simple Stories : A5
  • Filofax : A5
  • My Minds Eye : classic (available at Franklin Planners) half letter
  • Franklin Covey : classic, half letter
  • Day Timer : desk, half letter
  • Day Runner : half letter
  • Staples : Arc Disc system (38mm disc and holds up to 200 pages)
  • Levinger : Circa Disc system (discs from 1/4” to 3” holding up to 450 sheets)
  • + standard ring bound folders from office stores

A5 is an international standard page size while the comparable for the US is half letter. Generally it requires no additional trimming when it comes to using this planer size. There may be a slight variance depending if you want to match the exact size of your preferred planner binder.

#Tip: While my Medium planner printables are A5 in size, due to the 0.5” margin on all sides you can safely print the half letter size from the same file.

Large | 210x280mm : A4 (210x297mm) + US Letter (8.5×11″)
The large size is robust and great for those who need more writing space. This size works with a large variety of binders:

  • Filofax : A4
  • Franklin Covey : monarch, US Letter
  • Day Timer : folio, US letter
  • Staples : Arc Disc system (38mm disc and holds up to 200 pages)
  • Levinger : Circa Disc system (discs from 1/4” to 3” holding up to 450 sheets)
  • + standard ring bound folders from office stores

#Tip: The Colour Your 365 planner printables are currently only available in the large size. They are designed to fit both A4 and US Letter paper sizes. I created a unique page size and design that works with both paper sizes. They can also be printed at a reduced size, approximately 72%, to fit A5 and Half Letter paper sizes.

I know that was a lot of information. Now that you have your binder size you are ready to choose your paper and refill pages.

Choice of Paper

Many people ask what paper is best to use. Rather than give a specific brand I will focus on the weight. The weight of the paper contributes to whether you will have bleed through from your pens. Due to the amount of pens and papers available I can’t give advice on all options available.

A great starting point is 32lb or 100gsm paper weight. Try your favourite pens on this weight and you will quickly know whether you prefer a thicker paper or this suits perfectly.

Printing planner refills pages

With your planner binder size chosen I have some tips for printing each of the planner refill sizes, as outlined below:


If you are printing the Personal planner size, there are often two pdf files supplied for each page design, a single page and another that is what we call ‘2 up’, that is there are two of the same page designs side by side on the one page, with trim marks.

You can print the single pdf page on an A5 or half letter paper size or print the 2 up version on either A4 or US letter paper.

Both of these options will need to be trimmed afterwards. There are trim marks included that fit the 95x172mm personal size, Webster’s Pages Color Crush and many other personal planner binders as listed above.


The Medium pages are supplied as a single page only. While you can fit 2 to a page when printing on A4, you can’t on US Letter. Again this decision came down to keeping it as simple as possible for everyone.

For those using the A5 planner size, the easiest way to print your pages is to print directly onto A5 size paper. You can buy A5 paper precut or use a guillotine or paper cutter and cut A4 in half yourself.


As I mentioned earlier, the Large planner pages one fits both A4 and US Letter paper sizes. It is also supplied as a single page only.

Printing Planner Pages

Now that you know the planner binder and refill sizes you are ready to begin setting up your own planner. For tips on printing planner refill pages, see my article, Print Planner Pages in 3 Simple Steps.

If you would like to design the flow of your own planner pages with printable refill pages and print double sided, see my article, Make and Print Your Own Custom Planner.

Get ready for an awesome + productive day!


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