Reflection, is the simple process of collecting experiences and information to gain a new understanding. The power of reflection is that it moves you from having a bunch of experiences and information to a place of connection, and action. There are many possible approaches.

An abundance of returns

Taking the time to reflect gives us the opportunity to evaluate, plan, refocus, remember, learn and so much more. When I take the time to reflect I develop a sense of connection with my life rather than going through the motions.

Reflection moves me from observing my life from the outside and making  to awareness and being able to take action from what is happening internally.

Taking time for reflection in my day allows me:

  • to collect my thoughts,
  • capture meaningful moments and
  • prepare for tomorrow.

It is empowering. It transforms my ‘bowl of spaghetti’ into something I can act upon. I can better move towards my destination. In turn this enables me to repeat successes, building a life I am connected to.

I have come to depend on the sense of peace and rest it has brought my life, calming the beast within my mind and that never ending to-do list.

Create opportunities

We have daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms in life with corresponding opportunities for reflection. Your season in life, will guide your focus.

Right now the focus of my daily reflection is to collect my thoughts, capture meaningful moments and prepare for tomorrow, while other things require reflection on a more infrequent and flexible basis.

However you decide to incorporate time for reflection into your life’s rhythm, whether in individual and group activities, the important point is to schedule regular opportunities to engage.

Reflection activities

There are many different ways to practise the art of reflection. Depending on your learning style you may enjoy one or more of the following:

  • Journalling is a beneficial way of bringing clarity and clearing your mind
  • Instead of writing maybe you prefer recording visual and/or audio of yourself
  • Creating mind maps can help to sort ideas into actionable goals
  • Forums and social media platforms are a great way to engage in group discussions for reflection

The best location

Just as important as the activity for reflection, is the location. There are places that are we find peaceful, that make it easy for us to connect.

The beachfront is a favourite place of mine for reflection. It is not a place I have available in my everyday and I savour our seasonal ‘get-aways’ beside the sea, and the opportunity it brings for a time for reflection. In my everyday I like a place away from my work zone as I find it easier to disconnect from all the doing and focus my mind.

Be creative in your approach to find a place and type of activities for your time of reflection. Be inspired as move you toward connection and a place of action and discover the power of reflection.

Success comes when you { Take Action }

Take a few minutes each day and build into your life s rhythm the time for reflection.


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